Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Finally donated blood! Best experience ever and I will definitely do it again. 
I was surprised that I didn't faint, I recommend you all go and donate! 
Next donation is April 22nd

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Buried Life Project

Now what?

Now what? 
We grow up to fast. We mature and things get serious by the time we are 18. Time flies by and we forget about the things we love. My now what is something I will work on for this summer. I well set myself up so I have all summer to spend more time with my horse. As of right now I work up to 40 hours a week and only get to see my horse Tiberius once a week. Being out there on the farm makes me feel relaxed and know that everything around me in the world has stopped, it's just me and my horse. Time now for me is very short, when I finish school and apply for university time will only get shorter and shorter. Hopefully this summer will be different and I will spend more time doing the things I love doing and things I want to do. 

Authors Note

Authors Note
When I think when I think of death it scares me, thinking of life excites me. The list of 100 things to do before you die seems like a lot but we have 36,500 days if we live to 100 to accomplish 1 thing each day. Whether it's to have children or to travel the world, each day we live can lead to a success story. I believe this list has meaning. Ambition and determination. Be determined to live life to the fullest and to enjoy the things we want to do most. The list that I have made, made me realize that life is way too short to be bossed around and that I'd like to attempt many things on my list. I know that once I accomplish one thing, many more things will be crossed off. My list of 100 things would become smaller and smaller. As I grow up and become more mature, things will become more serious. I will most likely forget about all the things I dreamed of doing when I was young. Whether it was to travel to the moon or drive a fire truck, we may just all forget and start a new list. These dreams we have will make life more exciting and enjoyable. The one thing that I plan on getting to next is to become a paramedic. This dream I have will lead to another dream such as #35, save a life or maybe #42, see someone healed. I am determined and confident enough to make this come true. Stay determined and make sure to live life to the fullest because life is waay too short. 

100 things- buried life

#1 get over my fear of spiders
#2 visit an ancient castle
#3 own a house in the country 
#4 graduate
#5 become a paramedic 
#6 travel to each continent 
#7 fly a plane
#8 get married 
#9 own my own farm
#10 swim with jelly fish
#11 have children 
#12 donate blood 
#13 teach my dad how to properly ride a horse 
#14 paddle through a medieval town
#15 go on a romantic picnic
#16 teach my horse how to bow
#17 travel to Africa
#18 play in a public fountain 
#19 learn a second language
#20 be in a movie
#21 go camping all summer
#22 place a lock on the love bridge in Paris 
#23 win 1st place over all in a jumping competition
#24 snowboard in Whistler B.C 
#25 sleep in a cave 
#26 ride an elephant 
#26 fire a gun
#27 bungee jump 
#28 get over my fear of sharks 
#30 visit Japan
#31 sky dive
#32 hold a monkey 
#33 meet Taylor Swift 
#34 ride a cable car in San Francisco 
#35 save a life 
#36 take my children to Disney World 
#37 teach my kids how to ride a bike 
#38 teach my kids how to ride a horse
#39 hike in Italy
#40 collect a jar of dirt from every state
#41 climb a mountain
#42 see someone healed
#43 jump my horse bareback
#44 see Ellen live
#45 wind surf 
#46 go on a real safari 
#47 go grape stomping
#48 sponsor a child in an undeveloped country 
#49 experience white water rafting 
#50 be in New York on New Years Eve 
#51 make a rainbow rose 
#52 swim in every ocean 
#53 buy a cow 
#54 learn how to play the violin 
#55 learn how to figure skate 
#56 drive a race car 
#57 try acupuncture 
#58 go to a fortune teller
#59 get a professional massage 
#60 have my own chicken coop
#61 own my own bakery 
#62 travel with my bestfriend
#63 move in with my boyfriend
#64 go on a road trip with all my friends
#65 go Marine Land 
#66 sleep under the stars
#67 get over my fear of bears 
#68 plant a maple tree
#69 learn how to do origami 
#70 ride my horse on the beach
#71 camp out on the beach 
#72 parasail 
#73 live in a little village for a couple months 
#74 buy a second house somewhere tropical 
#75 visit Antarctica 
#76 fly in a helicopter 
#77 swim with penguins 
#78 hug a gorilla 
#79 meet Orlando bloom 
#80 instruct a zoomba class 
#81 learn how to dance 
#82 give a homeless person shelter 
#83 volunteer at a soup kitchen 
#84 run a full marathon 
#85 go on a train
#86 start my own business 
#87 spend my whole day in a library
#88 learn how to make sushi 
#89  live in a jungle for a week 
#90 ride dolphins 
#91 work with wild animals 
#92 stop animals from getting abused
#93 try every type of food in the world 
#94 read the entire bible 
#95 build a house for a family in need
#96 donate over 100 000 dollars to charity 
#97 leave my hand prints In wet cement 
#98 dance in the rain 
#99 make a tree fort 
#100 cut my hair really really short 

Monday, 20 January 2014

Complaining about school...

I honestly don't understand why teachers assign 50 million things before the exam. Every single teacher gives the speech about how they want us to pass the exam and study for it. Well how the hell are we supposed to study for the exam we don't want to write in the first place when you give us assignments to finish right before!? It's crazy. 
Biology for example. Easy course and has very interesting topics but our teacher crams everything in near the end because she has been struggling to keep us up to date (not the students fault) 
 Also don't believe students should have to write a test if they don't recieve their marks and quizzes back from that same unit. Sure we can study the notes we have copied down word for word but I wanna know what I got wrong and if I passed or not on these quizzes. 
Complaints of the day.. 
Feel Stressed and very rushed. Not ready for next week 

Friday, 10 January 2014